Visits and Tastings

La Marchesa in Tour

Linked to tradition

Cantina la Marchesa offers the opportunity to visit our factory, proposing a close insight of grape processing, from the moment it leaves the vines to the bottling, to then move on to tasting our wines accompanied by some delicacy from our territory. An experience that transports visitors into the production process and makes them connoisseurs of the philosophy behind every single bottle.

The characteristic that distinguishes us is the cultivation in respect of tradition, for this reason the work is carried out strictly by hand, pruners for generations deal with manual pruning, because we are convinced that only the work of the expert eye knows how to get the best from the plant.

In spring, the vine is stripped to allow the sun of the Tavoliere to kiss the young grapes, in order to guarantee an ideal ripeness, after which the bunches are thinned out and only the best grapes will turn into wine. “Where wine is born is in the vine” is our creed.