Marika Maggi

Marika Maggi


Her background is based on literary studies, but her passion for wine conquered her at a young age. Uncorking a bottle is for her a gesture full of meanings, the senses are alerted, a new and particular world approaches, that of good wine, which is also the color of lands and excellent grapes, it is the warmth of the sun of Daunia, its ancient history mixed with modern technology.

A territory where “hard work” is pure art. The cork preserves not only the wine, but its secrets, a culture where you can perceive the many arms that make this miracle possible, finally discovering that it is all about love and simple passion which pushed Marika to dive into this splendid adventure. A wonderful journey started by studying everything that represents the vine and its fruit. Wine accompanies us in every phase of our life, we flavour its essence in a different way as time passes by, like a precise maturing.

Marika promotes her wines uniting the production area, the culture and the beauty of her region, dedicating her body and soul to the goals she intends to achieve, with great enthusiasm and with a very personal philosophy of life, reflecting all her knowledge in the business.

As a professional sommelier she has participated in numerous courses and workshops in Italy and abroad, in the company she deals with promotion and marketing for Italy and abroad.