Tour in Cellar

The project of a winery was born a few decades ago and gradually took shape over the years until it became what it is today. A winery led by Sergio Lucio Grasso, the “winemaker”, and his wife Marika Maggi, the commercial soul and “social”. Fifteen hectares, all less than 300 meters from the headquarters to be able to be constantly present in the vineyard.

Sergio doesn’t tell you about scents in wine, perfumes or smoothness in the glass, no. He talks to you about vines, about the land, about rain or drought. He tells you about the vintage and suggests (and you need) this year or that one (even if he hasn’t labeled it yet) because he wants to make you feel the difference, he wants to make you participate in his world.

Thus we learn that the cultivation takes place in total respect of the vines, applying in advance sexual confusion techniques to ward off the risk of parasites. An “organic” company without ever having sought any certification to that method.

Particle collection in boxes and selection of the grapes, also in the belt, close the cultivation cycle of the raw material. Nero di Troia, Montepulciano, Fiano and Bombino Bianco that give life to the range of wines of the winery that we taste guided by Marika.