The Production

The global challenges in wine production today would like to impose quantitative logics to which Cantina La Marchesa does not submit, and makes quality its primary goal. Excellent wines are the true wealth of a company that must necessarily “contain” simplicity, naturalness and respect for the environment and for the consumer, the result of environmentally friendly techniques also for winemaking with rigorous natural processes.

Courtesy and hospitality are the combination of hospitality that we offer to anyone who wants to visit us, entertain themselves with pleasant tastings and visit our vineyards and cellars, to get to know our sense of belonging, our identity that reflects the character in our wines and us defending our Apulian culture with our know-how.

No matter how significant these photos are, they are not enough to make all the beauty of this part of Puglia known, nestled between sea and mountains, places of immense silence where only nature marks its time, where tranquility is an ingredient of life.

Understanding and appreciating this land is only possible by enjoying it for a long time, only after having lived it for a period of time, to taste the local delicacies, the food and wine combinations that are typical of these places and that go perfectly with our fine wines.