Art and Wine

After all, what is wine if not a work of art, on the other hand, art is the tool to communicate wine. Wine and Art have always been a perfect match, in fact transmitting their passion for the art of making wine can be seen in details such as the beautiful labels that “Cantina La Marchesa” entrusts talented artists to tell their wines.

The passion for the arts in general of Sergio and Marika is known, but it is towards painting that they always have nurtured a great love. Hence the desire of Sergio and Marika to set up a painting award to continue writing that never-ending story that links art to wine and the life of man. The award is handed out every two years. The first edition of the Prize took place in 2015.

Labels as works of art.

Labels are the timeless object that will remember that wine, that name, that quality for ever. The relationship between artists and winemakers is an ancient and supportive relationship, and the label is not only an expression of commercial marketing, but an expression of art. “They are collections of paper squares”, but of great visual impact, often celebrating masterpieces. All the artists of the 1900s can affirm they have tried this form of art, from Salvador Dalì, Andy Warhol to Picasso, to name only three names. And we know that artists, like good wine, love to be conceived as something noble that does not change with time, just like a good wine. Painting e wine have had many encounters, wine is not only substance, but brightness, color and categories of the soul and involvement of the senses: landscape, beauty and territory. There are endless pictorial interpretations linked to wine, and the winemaker as the painter has his own palette, his brushes and creates and mixes, doses and transforms, plays with the laws of nature that guide and decide on fermentation, on the evolution, on the creation of wine.